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Accounting and Payroll services

Quality, exactitude, reliability

Accounting and Payroll services

Whether you are a small/medium sized company, a new start-up or an established company, our accounting and payroll team can provide tailored solutions to help you in managing your business, meeting both internal or statutory deadlines, ensuring confidentiality of your information, letting you focus on the core aspects of your business and better use of your resources for core business functions.

We believe that your accounting and payroll administration function should remain in the background and run reliably, cost-effectively and smoothly. It should be in a position to give you the management information you need when you need it and enable you to spot any risks in good time.

Bookkeeping and accounting can be extremely time consuming and cost intensive, particularly when you are unfamiliar with local rules and practices. We have extensive experience of working alongside client companies by providing them with outsourced accounting facilities.

You don't have to pay the employee or even whole department, which is focused solely on payroll and HR records. You reduce also office rental costs, salary for your accountant and fees related to expensive trainings, very expensive software, databases, servers their maintenance and updating.

Single and Double entry accounting

  • Financial accounting and reporting
  • Controlling the accuracy and processing the documents supplied for placing on an account
  • Accounting for special purposes, preparation of annual accounts
  • Communication with the Tax Authorities
  • Processing and evidence of VAT
  • Preparing statistics and reports
  • Administration of accountancy books
  • Tax optimization
  • Sending of outputs and another correspondence in electronic form

Payroll Services

Within payroll accounting, we can offer you individual advice on all matters relating to income tax, social insurance and labor law. We provide a comprehensive, yet flexible outsourced payroll service tailored to each client’s specific requirements. This area is subject to on-going change and legal amendments, having a reliable partner who is always up-to-date is a must. Our clients know that we are more than able to meet the challenges in this field and that they can rely on our in-depth knowledge.
  • Processing of salaries
  • Calculation and processing of salary deductions
  • Creating monthly reports for insurance companies
  • Creating quarterly summaries and annual reports on recoupment of advance payments for income tax
  • Processing and the evidence of the sick leaves
  • Other payroll related activities

Our Services

We provide full range of accounting, payroll and tax advisory services including comprehensive all-inclusive service for natural and legal persons starting a business in Slovakia.

Setting up a company in Slovakia

Excellent price-quality ratio without hidden fees.

25-year professional experience.

Accounting, Payroll and Tax advisory

Financial accounting and payroll

Tax optimization and advisory

Virtual office in Slovakia

Enjoy the full virtual office package with business address, mail handling, telephone answering and additional services.